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2010 High Quality (A, A*) Publications

A Conference Proceedings Numerical and experimental studies on hydrofoils for marine current turbines
A Conference Proceedings Design and testing of a low Reynolds number airfoil for small horizontal axis wind turbines
A* Journal Article Measuring the effectiveness of destination marketing campaigns: comparative analysis of conversion studies
A* Journal Article Monge-Ampère measures for convex bodies and Bernstein-Markov type inequalities
A* Journal Article Collective creativity: art and society in the South Pacific
A* Journal Article Vowel loss in Tirax and the history of the apicolabial shift
A Journal Article Miracle workers and nationhood: Reinhard Bonnke and Benny Hinn in Fiji
A Journal Article Meditation on Epeli Hau’ofa: obituary
A Journal Article Examining wind quality and wind power prospects on Fiji Islands
A Journal Article Letter to the editor: a work in progress
A Journal Article Some aspects of trade between Australia and Pacific Island countries
A Journal Article Solomon Islands
A Journal Article Tourism and economic growth: a panel data analysis for Pacific Island countries
A Journal Article On IT and business value in developing countries: a complementarities-based approach
A Journal Article A capabilities-based approach to obtaining a deeper understanding of information technology governance effectiveness: evidence from IT steering committees
A Journal Article Deterministic and stochastic trends in the time series models: a guide for the applied economist
A Journal Article Effects of trade openness on the steady-state growth rates of selected Asian countries with an extended exogenous growth model
A Journal Article On utilizing the orbital motion in water waves to drive a Savonius rotor
A Journal Article Ecological leads for natural product discovery: novel sesquiterpene hydroquinones from the red macroalga Peyssonnelia sp
A Journal Article Positive plant microbial interactions
A Journal Article Photosynthesis in a test tube-dye sensitized solar cells as a teaching tool
A Journal Article Regularisation of eigenfeatures by extrapolation of scatter-matrix in face-recognition problem
A Journal Article Improved nearest centroid classifier with shrunken distance measure for null LDA method on cancer classification problem
A Journal Article Preparation, characterisation, engine performance and emission characteristics of coconut oil based hybrid fuels
A Journal Article Unusual antimalarial meroditerpenes from tropical red macroalgae
A Journal Article Habitat degradation and fishing effects on the size structure of coral reef fish communities
A Journal Article Solomon Islands (political review)
A Journal Article Diffusion-limited chronoamperometry at conical-tip microelectrodes
A Journal Article Positive plant microbial interactions
A Journal Article The level and growth effects in the empirics of economic growth: some results with data from Guatemala
A Journal Article The Pacific
A Journal Article Papa Ron Crocombe, 1929-2009
A Journal Article An empirical analysis of sustainability of Fiji’s trade deficits
A Journal Article Results of the first adapted design for sustainability project in a South Pacific small Island developing state: Fiji
A Journal Article Carotenoid and riboflavin content of banana cultivars from Makira, Solomon Islands