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2012 High Quality (A, A*) Publications

A* Journal Article CME-driven shocks and the associated sudden commencements/sudden impulses
A* Journal Article A new perspective to null linear discriminant analysis method and its fast implementation using random matrix multiplication with scatter matrices
A* Journal Article Morphological features of tweeks and nighttime D-region ionosphere at tweek reflection height from the observations in the low latitude Indian sector
A* Journal Article Long recovery VLF perturbations associated with lightning discharges
A* Journal Article Enzyme activity demonstrates multiple pathways of innate immunity in Indo-Pacific anthozoans
A* Journal Article Investigations of the marine flora and fauna of the Fiji Islands
A* Journal Article Nighttime D region electron density measurements from ELFVLF tweek radio atmospherics recorded at low latitudes
A* Journal Article Conformational stability studies of a stapled hexa-β3-peptide library
A* Journal Article Very low latitude (L = 1.08) whistlers
A* Journal Article Bromophycoic Acids: Bioactive natural products from a Fijian red alga Callophycus sp.
A* Journal Article Sea surface chlorophyll signature in the tropical Pacific during eastern and central Pacific ENSO events
A Journal Article Exploring the nexus between information and communications technology, tourism and growth in Fiji
A Journal Article Yahoo! Shammi Kapoor and the corporeal stylistics of popular Hindi cinema
A Journal Article The stratigraphic status of the Anthropocene
A Journal Article A two-tiered global path planning strategy for limited memory mobile robots
A Journal Article Design of a low Reynolds number airfoil for small horizontal axis wind turbines
A Journal Article Human-mediated prehistoric marine extinction in the tropical Pacific? Understanding the presence of Hippopus hippopus (Linn. 1758) in ancient shell middens on the Rove Peninsula, Southwest Viti Levu Island, Fiji
A Journal Article Effects of small, Fijian community-based marine protected areas on exploited reef fishes
A Journal Article Client-server control architecture for a vision-based pick-and-place robot
A Journal Article Development of a reduced human user input task allocation method for multiple robots
A Journal Article Salinity and temperature requirements for larviculture of the Monkey River prawn Macrobrachium lar (Fabricius, 1798) (Decapoda: Caridea: Palaemonidae)
A Journal Article Strange disclosures: the story of the criminal Forger and Absconder, Elias Rosenwax and his capture in Levuka by ‘Evarama, the native Fijian policeman’, 1871
A Journal Article Lyapunov – based nonlinear controllers for obstacle avoidance with a planar n – link doubly nonholonomic manipulator
A Journal Article Experimental studies on a corrugated plate heat exchanger for small temperature difference applications
A Journal Article Numerical and experimental studies on hydrofoils for marine current turbines
A Journal Article Bending closer to the ground: girmit as minor history
A Journal Article Cross-cultural dimensions of meaning in the evaluation of events in world history? Perceptions of historical calamities and progress in cross-cultural data from 30 societies
A Journal Article Dominant factors affecting the pressure dependence of melting temperatures in homologous series of aliphatic polyesters
A Journal Article Some studies on sintered cold deformed plain carbon alloy steels
A Journal Article Efficiency improvement of a tidal current turbine utilizing a larger area of channel
A Journal Article A history of Fijian women’s activism (1900-2010)
A Journal Article Between women: indenture, morality and health
A Journal Article Turning a global crisis into a tourism opportunity: the perspective from Tuvalu
A Journal Article The European timeshare consumer in the twenty first century
A Journal Article Tourism yield of different market segments: a case study of Hawaii
A Journal Article Where in the world is Ulimaroa?
A Journal Article Market imperfections, trade reform and total factor productivity growth: theory and practices from India
A Journal Article At the bottom of a global commodity chain – how different really are hourly wage rates and piece rates?
A Journal Article Tunnel passing maneuvers of prescribed formations
A Journal Article Numerical and experimental studies on hydrofoils for marine current turbines
A Journal Article Hereditary orders in the quotient ring of a skew polynomial ring
A Journal Article On a class of semihereditary crossed-product orders
A Journal Article Distributions, long term trends and emissions of four perfluorocarbons in remote parts of the atmosphere and firn air
A Journal Article Long – term tropospheric trend of octafluorocyclobutane (c-C4F8 or PFC-318)
A Journal Article Kailuin F, a new cyclic acyldepsipeptide from a marine – derived bacterium