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2011 High Quality (A, A*) Publications

A Book Chapter Renewable energy and climate change
A* Journal Article Learning from the victims: new physical and social science information about tsunamis from victims of the September 29, 2009 event in Samoa and American Samoa
A* Journal Article Some evidence for tourism alleviating poverty
A* Journal Article Economic linkages and impacts across the TALC
A* Journal Article Process, practice and priorities – key lessons learnt undertaking sensitive social reconnaissance research as part of an (UNESCO-IOC) international tsunami survey team
A* Journal Article Coral reefs as buffers during the 2009 South Pacific tsunami, Upolu Island, Samoa
A* Journal Article Incorporating effectiveness of community – based management in a national marine gap analysis for Fiji
A* Journal Article D-region ionosphere response to the total solar eclipse of 22 July 2009 deduced from VLF tweek observations in the Indian sector
A* Journal Article Mitochondrial DNA variation in the Fijian Archipelago
A* Journal Article Final syllables in Northern Malakula
A* Journal Article The first fifty years of Oceanic linguistics
A* Journal Article Contrasting the flavors of El Niño ‐ Southern oscillation using sea surface salinity observations
A* Journal Article Estimating the effects of ENSO upon the observed freshening trends of the western tropical Pacific Ocean
A Journal Article Convergence after the collapse: the “catastrophic” case of Canada
A Journal Article Intra-household income inequality and poverty in a small developing economy
A Journal Article Solomon Islands – political review
A Journal Article Experimental studies on a corrugated plate heat exchanger for OTEC applications, experimental thermal and fluid science
A Journal Article Misperceptions of climate-change risk as barriers to climate-change adaptation: a case study from the Rewa Delta, Fiji
A Journal Article Flow injection assessment of Nitrate contents in fresh and cooked fruits and vegetables grown in Fiji
A Journal Article Early developmental biology of Platymantis vitiana including supportive evidence of structural specialization unique to the ceratobatrachidae
A Journal Article Densification behavior in forming of sintered iron – 0.35% carbon powder metallurgy preform during cold upsetting
A Journal Article Papuamides E and F, cytotoxic depsipeptides from the marine sponge
A Journal Article Strategy of finding optimal number of features on gene expression data
A Journal Article Rapid identification of triterpenoid sulfates and hydroxy fatty acids including two new constituents from Tydemania expeditionis by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
A Journal Article Measurement of end-milling burr using image processing techniques
A Journal Article No change in physician dictation patterns when visit notes are available online for patients
A Journal Article Local knowledge and climate change adaptation on Erub Island, Torres Strait