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2013 High Quality (A, A*) Publications

A Book Chapter ‘To arrest involuntary attention’: advertising and street – selling in Ulysses’
A* Journal Article A feature extraction technique using bi-gram probabilities of position specific scoring matrix for protein fold recognition
A* Journal Article On the occurrence of equatorial F-region irregularities during solar minimum using radio occultation measurements
A* Journal Article Social construction of touristic imagery: case of Fiji
A* Journal Article Social construction of touristic imagery: case of Fiji
A* Journal Article On the relationship between lightning peak current and early VLF perturbations
A Journal Article A national pride or a colonial construct? Touristic representation and the politics of Fijian Identity Construction
A Journal Article Trade openness, labour institutions and flexibilisation: theory and evidence from India
A Journal Article The eastern Australian magnetic inclination record: dating the recent past and re-assessing the historical geomagnetic archive
A Journal Article Carotenoid content and traditional knowledge of breadfruit cultivars of the Republic of the Marshall Islands
A Journal Article Capacity building for persistent organic pollutant (POP) analysis in the Pacific and POP trends in the Pacific Islands
A Journal Article Trade cost reduction, subcontracting and unionised wage
A Journal Article ‘Deeply interested in these children whom you have not seen’: the Protestant Sunday School view of the Pacific, 1900-1940
A Journal Article Effect of turbine section orientation on the performance characteristics of an oscillating water column device
A Journal Article The potential of coconut toddy for use as a feedstock for Bioethanol Production in Tuvalu
A Journal Article Blade design and performance testing of a small wind turbine rotor for low wind speed applications
A Journal Article Experimental studies on a closed cycle demonstration OTEC plant working on small temperature difference
A Journal Article Optimization of blade curvature and inter-rotor spacing of Savonius rotors for maximum wave energy extraction
A Journal Article Mapping and exploration in a hierarchical heterogeneous multi-robot system using limited capability robots
A Journal Article Design of a horizontal axis tidal current turbine
A Journal Article Development of a hierarchical computer numerical control milling machine control unit using low-end PIC microcontrollers
A Journal Article Derrida interviewing Derrida: Autoimmunity and the laws of the interview
A Journal Article Evaluation of physically small p-phenylacetate-modified carbon electrodes against fouling during dopamine detection in vivo
A Journal Article Design of a horizontal axis tidal current turbine
A Journal Article Performance of a coordinate search ANN training algorithm
A Journal Article Eastern and Central Pacific ENSO and their relationships to the recharge/discharge oscillator paradigm
A Journal Article Rainfall trends in Fiji
A Journal Article Culturable rare Actinomycetes: diversity, isolation and marine natural product discovery
A Journal Article A strategy to select suitable physicochemical at attributes of amino acids for protein fold recognition
A Journal Article On a class of hereditary crossed-product orders
A Journal Article A solution to the motion planning and control problem of a car – like robot via a single – layer perceptron