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Akosita Muriwale Natadra Senimoli

Akosita Muriwale Natadra Senimoli

Name: Akosita Muriwale Natadra Senimoli

School: School Of Geography, Earth Science and Environment

Faculty: Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment

Degree of Enrolment: Masters of Science- Climate Change

Research Area: Socio-cultural factors that affected disaster response to TC Winston in the Ra province, Fiji.

Supervisors: Dr Helene Des Combe & Dr Tammy Tabe

Current Research Summary:

Fiji is located in an area prone to cyclones. On average, at least one cyclone moves across the Fiji group in one year. In the past few decades, Fiji has experienced a number of devastating cyclones with associated floods. These disasters have had devastating impacts on agriculture, education, transport, infrastructure, water, electricity, housing, and has affected people’s livelihood. The impacts of Cyclone Winston has proven that our rural communities are vulnerable to these cyclones. This research focuses socio-cultural factors that affected disaster response during TC Winston in two rural communities in the Ra province. The study aims to compare how socio-cultural factors influenced disaster response in the two communities. Evaluation of how people of different cultures behaved during the disaster response period will allow stakeholders to understand the nature of people’s behaviour during the cyclone so improvements can be made on mitigation and preparedness in these rural communities.

Testimonial- Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme:

The graduate assistant scholarship scheme has provided financial support for regional students to focus on their studies and above all has provided a platform to enhance student research in the Pacific. I am indebted to the Research Office for giving me the offer of a graduate assistant scholarship. It is indeed an opening for me to concentrate on my research and hopefully complete within a shorter period of time. This is also an opportunity to learn research skills, gain the needed experience in my field of interest in addition to making new friends from the teaching fraternity as well as fellow students.