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Anshu Prakash-Kumar

Anshu Prakash-Kum

Name: Anshu Prakash-Kumar

School: Biological and Chemical Sciences

Faculty: Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment

Degree of Enrollment: Masters of Science (Chemistry)

Research Area: Polymer Chemistry & Biomedical Engineering

Supervisors: Dr. David Rohindra

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Penny Martens (University Of New South Wales)

Current Research Summary:

My research work focuses to develop biocompatible blends using natural and synthetic polymers for tissue engineering applications. That is, to design a biomaterial with desired properties to be used as medical implants for tissue regeneration in biomedical fields. A medical implant is required to perform a function for a specific period of time, while the body heals itself. The implant devices can be designed using a polymer or combinations of polymers that will, after fulfilling its function, completely and safety degrade and be resorbed by the body. One of the main desire to use biodegradable polymers as implant devices is that, once the implant is no longer needed by the body, there is no need for a second surgical event for its removal Thus, the biomaterial designed would help replace the permanent metal-based devices and its associated detriments.

Testimonial- Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme:

“It has been an honour to be the recipient of Graduate Assistant Scholarship for my Masters of Science. I have used the financial stability and support offered by the scholarship to pursue my passion in research field. I am grateful for the generosity of others who have allowed me to gain an education and will soon be able to return the favour for the future generation of proud Fijians”.