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Atishnal Elvin Chand

Atishnal(1)Name: Atishnal Elvin Chand

School: School of Engineering & Physics

Faculty: Faculty of Science, Technology & Environment

Degree of Enrollment: MSC

Research Area: Physics

Supervisor: Dr . Sushil Kumar

Current Research Summary:

My research focus is on the D-region ionosphere modeling and my proposed thesis topic is “Modal interference and perturbation of sub-ionospheric VLF signals received at Suva”.

In particular, I am interested in estimating the VLF Modal Interference Distance (D) using the East-West and West-East propagations received at Suva. Moreover, I will be quantifying the variation in transient luminous events (TLEs) a region of about 2000 km around the Suva and the data for this particular studies are available online at WWLLN’s website. Furthermore, I will also be modelling the D-region (daytime) and E-region (Night-time) of the ionosphere using the Long-Wavelength Propagation Capability (LWPC) code to obtain D-region electron density profiles and electron density perturbations. The comparison with other techniques such as rocket and modelling (IRI) will also be carried out. The D-region is too high for balloons to probe and too low for satellite measurements, but can be diagnosed using Very Low Frequency (VLF: 3-30 kHz), therefore, remains least studies region of the ionosphere.

Testimonial- Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme:

Receiving the Graduate Assistant scholarship was a delightful surprise. This scholarship scheme has eased the financial pressures of being a student and enabled me to achieve my study goals. The financial support gave me the freedom to enjoy being a student and concentrate on my research work. This is a wonderful gift that is offered to graduate students, as it recognises hard work and offers encouragement to continue to strive for high results .I would recommend the Graduate Assistant scholarship to anyone wanting to pursue a Master’s degree. It enabled me to not only gain an MSc in Physics, but also provided me opportunity to gain some experience in teaching field.