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Ethics and Policies

Ethics Approval Process

All projects undertaken by staff and students at the University of the South Pacific that deal with people or animals for the purposes of gathering information must be approved before they begin by the University Research Ethics…[more]

Human Research Ethics

Human rights that go to the heart of ethical practice. Individuals and Communities have dignity and freedoms that every researcher must acknowledge. Every person or community that is the subject of research must be fully informed…[more]

Animal Research Ethics

Some research at the University of the South Pacific involves animals, particularly in the areas of agriculture, and terrestrial and marine biodiversity. Any research that uses animals (such as pigs, sheep and other mammals, as…[more]

The University of the South Pacific would would like to remind researchers in biodiversity and their partners, particularly overseas partners who wish to remove biological specimens from the USP region, to please adhere to a USP guideline…[more]

IP & Copyright

The Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and International is responsible for developing and implementing the USP policies on intellectual property.The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) refers to intellectual…[more]