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Fully Funded PhD Scholarship in Digital Cultural Heritage and the Oceans at The Glasglow School of Art

The School of Simulation and Visualisation at the Glasgow School of Art is offering a unique opportunity for a full-time, fully-funded, three-year PhD scholarship (fees and stipend) investigating the role of digital cultural heritage and/or creative response in our emotional engagement with the world’s oceans. Specifically, this research will focus on the ways in which such activity can benefit communities’ dependent on the oceans and how expressions of these relationships can be shared broadly to facilitate more equitable and sustainable governance of the ocean environment.

The Glasgow School of Art is ranked number eight in the top ten art schools in the world* and has a distinctive specialist, practice-based research culture that is globally recognised. The generation of new knowledge and understanding through creative practice, scholarship and criticism in Digital Cultural Heritage, Digital Visualisation, Design Innovation, Fine Art, Design, Craft, Architecture and related fields is central to our concept of research. Our researchers include digital heritage and visualisation specialists, artists, designers, architects, historians and critics of international standing.

Applications are invited for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Digital Cultural Heritage and the Oceans from candidates from Namibia, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and South Pacific island nations (particularly Fiji and Solomon Islands) on the DAC List of OAD Recipients (see www.oecd.org ) who wish to pursue a full-time PhD in the School of Simulation and Visualisation (SimVis) of the Glasgow School of Art. This provides an opportunity for post-graduate students and/or professional practitioners with substantial creative, cultural heritage and/or digital experience to undertake research within a vibrant and eclectic academic environment.

SimVis is based at the GSA’s Hub campus in Glasgow, Scotland. SimVis is currently undertaking research projects funded via the Arts and Humanities Research Council and multiple other UKRI funding streams. SimVis is a partner in the Global Challenges Research Fund “One Ocean Hub” (oneoceanhub.org). SimVis is the lead partner for the Hub’s Ocean Culture Research Programme that focuses on engaging global audiences with ocean management and sustainability issues, particularly through the lens of projects implemented by beneficiary communities. Applications that align with the objectives of the Hub, especially the Hub’s Ocean Culture agenda, and seek to amplify the Hub’s contribution to achieving Sustainable Development Goals in partner countries are welcomed.

The successful candidate will join a dynamic team working in this growing and important field of research and practice. We would be particularly interested to receive research proposals exploring digital cultural heritage and/or creative responses in the following areas:

  • Digital Visualisation –  Immersive systems (VR/AR/XR) and creative responses
  • Digital Heritage – including intangible heritage, material culture, arts and culture
  • Community Engagement and Digital Media – including community co-deign and co-production
  • Digital Advocacy – using digital media, such as immersive media, to promote the agendas of lesser-heard communities and to influence global policy

Applications close Friday 26 June 2020 for September 2020 start. Applicants must be available for interview (online or in person) in the week beginning 29 June 2020

Application forms are available here:


For informal discussions contact Dr Stuart Jeffrey: s.jeffrey@gsa.ac.uk

* QS World Rankings 2020