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Internet penetration and use in Samoa Data Collection survey (Rural Internet Penetration)

In December, 2017, Tebbutt Research conducted a Digital Inclusion survey among households in Samoa. Sponsored by the Pacific ICT Regulatory Resource Centre, a World Bank funded Centre of Excellence housed at the University of the South Pacific, with selection methodology approved by the Research Department of the University, the survey covered 402 households in Samoa (and more than 1500 individuals) in a manner designed to statistically represent the geographic dispersion of the nation’s population.  The purpose of the survey was to understand not just the per person penetration of Internet participation in Samoa (which is available by counting subscriptions), but also the availability within households.  Contrary to assumptions and findings contained in the International Telecommunications Union report “Measuring the Information Society 2017,” the survey found internet available in more than 70% of all Samoa households on average, and in more than 50% of households in Savai’i, the nation’s less developed island. Data was collected by geographic region, education level, gender, employment, type of use, frequency of use, and frequency of purchase. Perhaps as important, data was also collected on why non-users did not access the Internet. Again, contrary to assumptions of many institutions, neither cost nor accessibility dominated the results. Instead, low interest levels and a lack of internet literacy, both of which can be addressed through low cost government programs, were the leading reasons given for non-use.

To access and download the survey data (SPSS format only, which is .sav file) click on “DOWNLOAD” below.


To view draft survey report:  Click Here (includes analysis and questionnaire in appendix required to understand data labels)

How to manipulate survey data?

  1. To manipulate survey data you will need IBM SPSS Statistics or any software (which can manipulate SPSS file) like R, PSPP, Python etc.
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