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Jerry Begg Siota

Jerry Begg Siota

Name: Jerry Begg Siota

School: Government, development & International Affairs

Faculty: Faculty of Business & Economics

Degree of Enrollment: Doctor of Philosophy

Research Area: Public Service Reform


Supervisors: Associate professor Dr. Paul Carnegie and Associate Professor Dr. Anand Chand.

Current Research Summary:

Organization Development (OD) as a model for Public Service Reform in Pacific Island Countries (PICs) using Solomon Islands Ministry of Public Service (SIMPS) as a case study. The rationale for study pertains to the fact that Researches has revealed OD more successful in Public service and developing countries than New Public Management (NPM) Model. However there is Non-existent study of OD in PICs. This begs the question, can OD as a field through its “planned change approach” improve service delivery in the public service in PICs? The case study of SIMPS will be the basis for this research.

Testimonial- Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme:

This is a unique scholarship, in that, its fostering and encouraging research, innovation and development for the pacific islands by pacific islanders.