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Kunal Singh

Kunal Singh

Name: Kunal Singh

School: School of Geography, Earth Science and Environment

Faculty: Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment

Degree of Enrolment: MSc Environmental Science

Research Area: Paleo-climatological analysis of sedimentary and geological data from a lake in Taveuni and enhancing extreme climatic event predictions in the region.

Supervisors: Dr. Michelle McKeown & Dr. Eleanor John

Current Research Summary: Paleoenvironments provide a unique opportunity to assess the temporal and spatial characteristics of climate variability prior to anthropogenic forcing. The “paleo” approach has provided significant surprises concerning climate change, changes in atmospheric chemistry and the response of natural systems to climate variability (Committee on Global Change Research, 1999).

My research aims to look at the climatological records of Fiji through lake coring, by analyzing the sedimentary, biological and geological aspects of the archives. I intend to make projections of extreme events such as tropical storms, volcanoes and explain meteorological phenomenon based on these proxy records. This study will enhance the predictability of sub-decadal climatic events and provide insights into the different natural and anthropogenic mechanisms which control climate variability.

My research will improve the current understanding of Holocene climate, for it is within the Holocene that the boundary conditions for modern natural climate variability can be identified and from which the relative importance of natural versus anthropogenic climate forcing can be assessed.

The study will enhance better preparedness for the people of Fiji and the region in terms of natural hazards and other climatic events.

Testimonial- Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme:

The Research Office Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme is indeed a great initiative to promote research and innovation at the University and the region. As a recipient of the GA award, I consider myself to be very fortunate because of the endless academic advantages which this award provides. The scholarship allows me to carry out a research which is of interest to me and at the same time provides me with great flexibility to explore and enhance my research experiences at the University.

My Masters by research looks at improving climate forecasting for the country and the region by looking at paleoclimatological records. With this research, I hope to build better environmental capacity for the region and enhance adaptability and preparedness.

I applaud the work done by the Research Office in promoting and recognizing the work of young researchers like me and providing a platform to flaunt our work to the world.