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The University of the South Pacific
Mathematical Control Group

Taken from the Group’s paper Tunnel passing maneuvers of prescribed formations.


Welcome to the web page of USP’s Mathematical Control Group!    Established by Professor Jito Vanualailai when he joined the University of the South Pacific in 1994, the group has steadily grown to include four other core researchers.  Since 1994, the group has produced almost 100 highly ranked publications.


Professor Jito Vanualailai                                                             

Associate Professor Bibhya Sharma

Dr. Avinesh Prasad

Dr. Krishna Raghuwaiya

Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Research Interests 

  • Control of Autonomous Agents. In several branches of engineering (control, mechanical, aeronautical, robotic and electrical) motion planning or navigation problem for autonomous agents is an important area.

Taken from the Group’s publication Motion planning and posture control of multiple n-link doubly nonholonomic manipulators

  • Swarm Intelligence. This is an exciting relatively new area of research, which looks into how a swarm’s collective behavior could be mimicked to solve the challenging engineering problem of coordinating the movements of multiple robotic agents.

Taken from the Group’s publication Emergent Spirograph-like Patterns from Artificial Swarming

  • Artificial Neural Networks. ANNs are crude mathematical models of biological neural systems, designed in such a way that their synaptic weights, which are the strengths of signals or communications between neurons, could effectively store and retrieve memories.

Current Projects

A dφ Strategy: Facilitating Dual-Formation Control of a Virtually Connected Team

This project describes the design of new centralized acceleration-based controllers that solves the multi-task of motion planning and control problem of a coordinated lead-carrier team fixed in a dual-formation within an obstacle-ridden environment.

Contact Associate Professor Bibhya Sharma for more details.

Publications (Journals and Book Chapters)










  • Sharma, Bibhya N. and Vanualailai, Jito and Ha, J-H. and Prasad, Avinesh (2009) New collision avoidance scheme for multi-agents: a solution to the blindman’s problem. Advances in Differential Equations and Control Processes, 3 (2). pp. 141-169. ISSN 0974-3243
  • Sharma, Bibhya N. and Vanualailai, Jito and Chand, Utesh (2009) Flocking of multi-agents in constrained environment. European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2 (3). pp. 401-425.