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Accessing Wireless Services

Wireless services are available to staff, students and guests of the University and users are required to have a valid active account. The University also provides a Guest wireless service for visitors that can be requested via our IT Services Helpdesk Team.

There are some requirements that are needed by end user devices before connecting to the University Wireless Service:

All Windows & MacOS Laptops must support WPA2 Enterprise.
All Windows & MacOS Laptops must have a valid Anti-Virus & Spyware Application.
All Windows & MacOS Laptops must have the latest Service Packs & Security Patches.
The above requirements ensures that all user experience of the service is not impeded or disrupted. Below are the wireless signals (SSID) that users can connect to while at the University.

Laucala Campus

Staff & Students: USP-WiFi
All Visitors: USP-Guest-WiFi


Wireless Coverage

Phone Services

Local SIM Cards can be bought at mobile outlets. There are 3 major mobile network providers where you can buy Local SIM Cards:

Security Pass

Please make sure to pick your security pass during registration as the week of the forum will be university’s exam week and visitors are required to carry a security pass to enter university premises.

Accommodation Options
Please note all prices are quoted in Fiji Dollar. For the latest conversions please log onto: www.xe.com

Name Address Specifics
Peninsula International Hotel Cnr. McGregor Road and Pender Street, Suva.
Phone: +679 3313 711
Website: www.peninsula.com.fj
(5 Mins by Taxi and 10 minutes by bus to USP)
FJD$110 – Single (includes breakfast)
FJD$130 – Double (includes breakfast)
FJD$145 – 3 people (inlcudes breakfast)
FJD$95 – 1 person (excludes breakfast)
Peninsula Hotel is about 5 mins walk into Suva City
Studio 6 Apartments 1-3 Walu Street Suva, Fiji
Phone: +679 3307 477
FJD$140 – Apartments Sleeps 8
FJD$135 – Deluxe Rooms 1 double bed and 1 single
FJD$80 – Standard Room – 1 double bed
Holiday Inn, Suva Victoria Parade
PO Box 1357
Suva, Fiji
Phone: + 679-0-3301600
FJD$272 – Double includes breakfast for 1
FJD$240 – Single excluding breakfast 
Suva Motor Inn Gorrie Street
Suva, Fiji
Phone: +679 3313 973
SINGLE ROOMS (FJD$170 includes full continental buffet breakfast)
SHARING (Double Room) – (FJD$190 – per double room – includes full continental buffet breakfast)
Tanoa Plaza Gordon Street
Suva, Fiji
Phone: +679 3312 300
Does not include Breakfast
Southern Cross Hotel 59 – 63 Gordon Street
Suva, Fiji
Phone: +679 3314 233
All the above excludes breakfast

1. For other meals there are many places in the Suva City vicinity that open till 11pm and there are also fast food places that open 24 hours. There are variety of cuisines to choose from in Suva from the traditional Fijian cuisine to the authentic South Indian curry, Japanese, Thai, Korean to the sidewalk BBQ and hot Dog stands.
2. Some hotels provide wireless free of charge to their customers while others will charge an extra fee for internet usage however there are also internet café’s in the city centre that open 24 hours and charges usually range from FJD$4 – FJD$5 an hour.
3. Please note: Taxi fare from Nausori Airport to all these hotels are FJD$35 so do not let the taxi driver overcharge you.


Nausori and Nadi Airport caters for all international flights in Fiji. Information on flight packages to Fiji can be obtained directly from the airlines. The website addresses for the international airlines are:

Transport Options from Nadi Airport to Suva

The distance from Nadi Airport to Suva is approximately 200km. You can travel by plane, public bus, taxi, tourist coach or rental car. Pacific Sun is the only domestic airline that flies from Nadi Airport to Nausori Airport; the flight takes approximately 30 minutes. It takes another 30 minutes to travel from the Nausori Airport to Suva City. Public buses and tourist coaches take 4 to 7 hours from Nadi to Suva whereas rental cars and taxis reach Suva in 3.5 hours. For safety and convenience, it is advisable to travel between Nadi and Suva during the day.

Travelling Within Suva

Public buses and taxis can be used for travelling within Suva. Taxis wait at taxi stands or can be flagged down. Taxis can also be hired. It takes about 10 minutes for a fare of approximately FJ$5.00 to go from central Suva City to the respective accommodation options available by taxi. A bus ride from the Suva Bus Station to the respective accommodation options available will take about 15 minutes with a fare of approximately FJ$0.70 to FJ$1.00. Bus and taxi fares increase with the distance travelled.

Fiji Currency

The Fiji currency, known as the Fijian Dollar, is commonly depicted by the code FJD or FJ$. This is the currency that is acceptable for transactions within Fiji. Currency exchange facilities are available at the Nadi International Airport and trading banks. Traveller’s cheques can be changed at banks. Credit cards are accepted by a number of establishments such as hotels and large supermarkets.


Fiji has a tropical maritime climate with sea breezes maintaining minimal daytime variations in temperature. During the dry winter months of May to November, fine warm or cool days are expected with maximum temperature averages of about 28°C.

About Suva City

The city of Suva sits on a hilly peninsula between Laucala Bay and Suva Harbour on the south-eastern side of Viti Levu. Suva is Fiji’s capital city. It is the major commercial and political centre of Fiji, and the largest urban area in the South Pacific outside of Australia and New Zealand. As the capital, Suva has a Parliament House and many overseas embassies. Suva is home to a variety of South Pacific educational institutions including the University of the South Pacific, the Fiji School of Medicine, the Fiji National University and the Institute of Technology Australia. This vibrant multi-cultural capital has a population of about 200,000, and a large selection of shops and restaurants. The main tourist attractions in Suva include:

  • Colo-I-Suva Forest Park
  • Golf Course at Rifle Range
  • Bowling Club
  • Fiji Museum
  • Suva City Tour
  • Queen Elizabeth Drive/Foreshore
  • Takashi Suzuki Garden
  • Sukuna Park
  • Heritage buildings
  • Thurston Gardens
  • National Aquatic Centre
  • Suva Market
  • Handicraft Centre
  • Government House
  • Albert Park


Suva city is a popular shopping destination. The country’s largest fresh food market is located next to the Suva Bus Station. Groceries, jewellery, clothes, handicrafts, artefacts, souvenirs, and original artworks are among the many items on offer. Shopping hours are generally from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Some shopping centres, such as MHCC located in central Suva and Cost-U-Less situated opposite the University of the South Pacific, remain open until 8.00pm or 9.00pm. Supermarkets and shops within Suva city open until 1.00pm on Saturdays and are generally closed on Sundays, except for some grocery shops and a few shopping malls such as MHCC and Tappoo City.


Fiji is well known for Fijian traditional food and delicacies. There are many restaurants including Indian, Asian and European restaurants to choose from in the Suva City. Restaurants cater for all tastes and budgets. There are several restaurants near the University of the South Pacific’s Laucala Campus. Meal costs range from FJ$5.00 to FJ$20.00 per person.