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Alvin Abinesh Lal

Alvin Lal Masters Candidate

 Current Research Summary:

 Geophysics is the application of physics principles to the study of the Earth. This research studies the occurrence and characteristics of a hot springs system at Rabulu, Tavua using passive geophysical methods. Geophysical methods are undergoing rapid development and successfully solving problems of environment exploration, mineral prospecting and engineering applications. Application of such methods has demonstrated cost savings through reduced design uncertainty and lower investigation costs. Geophysical methods such as self-potential, soil temperature and soil CO2 measurements are being used to characterise the Rabulu hot spring system. Analysis of these geophysical parameters helps predict anomalous zones and delineate ground water flow. It also helps in forecasting subsurface structures and biota that occupy these systems. There is little relevant information available which can be used to understand our shallow geothermal anomalies in Fiji. This study sanctions an understanding of the shallow geothermal anomalies in Fiji; opening pathway for further detailed study as part of natural resource management, iodate there is little research conducted on hot spring in Fiji and this is the first of its kind at USP.

 Candidature Experience:

The GAship has open many new doors for me. It has given me the ability to use all of the amazing resources that USP offers in order to help me explore, discover and truly take my education into my own hands. Both as a student and a researcher, I’ve found my one-on-one work with faculty to be incredibly enriching and rewarding. My supervisors have often pushed me outside of my comfort zone and expected me to make inferences about specific questions based upon my foundational knowledge base. The opportunity provided by the Research Office Graduate Assistant Scholarship has enabled me to apply the broad concepts I have learned in class to specialise circumstances and ultimately results in a greater understanding of the material I am studying. I believe that the support of my close relationships with faculty has been integral to my academic success this far. Participating in research has defined my educational experience at USP and I honestly cannot imagine my academic life without it. It has allowed me to look at the world in a different way and know that no question is something that isn’t worth answering. I have learned, experimented and formed new goals and desires through my experience in research, and I am confident they will continue to drive me through the completion of my MSc degree, as well as through my life.

This GAship has also given me the opportunity to teach undergraduate students and gain some experience in teaching while studying. This will indeed help me in future when searching for academic job opportunities. Finally, GAship has been of immense importance in my life and I would strongly recommend Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme to all those who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies. This USP initiative provides an enjoyable platform for research and development.