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Ashneel Chandra

Ashneel ChandraMasters Candidate

Research Area: Tropical cyclone morphology using VLF radio waves techniques

Current Research Summary:

This research is aimed at studying the electrical property of tropical cyclones (TCs). Lightning is a visible evidence of the electrical activity of TCs. During lightning, lightning generated sferics (VLF radio waves; 3-30 kHz) are produced and these sferics propagate in the Earth-ionosphere waveguide (EIWG) being detected by VLF sensors. One of these VLF sensors is located in USP, with research headed by Dr. Sushil Kumar. This research is focused on lightning occurrences within TCs during its stages of development and intensification, with the aim to find correlations enabling better prediction of TC intensity. Geomagnetic influences on TCs will also be investigated to help understand long term trends of TCs in the South Pacific region. It is hoped that findings of this research will be of great benefit to the weather and forecasting sector.

The Candidature Experience:

The Graduate Assistant Scholarship has enabled me to carry out this research with funding and guidance provided by the Research Office. I have greatly benefited from this funding over the past year with the aim to produce research output which would not only make this scheme worthwhile but also of benefit to our region. This scheme will surely boost our research output and provide funding to aspiring graduate students of our region.