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Janice Sandra Mani

JaniceName: Janice Sandra Mani

School: School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Faculty: Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering

Degree of Enrolment: MSc

Research Area: Chemistry

Supervisors: Dr. Matakite Maata (Principal Supervisor), Dr Katy Soapi (Co-supervisor)

Current Research Summary:

Sewage sludge production from sewage treatment plants is ever increasing due to the growing population and is becoming a growing area of research because of its potential in recycling nutrients. This is mainly due to its high nutrient content and its threat to the environment which involves the release of methane gas and its high heavy metal content. According to several studies sewage sludge is widely used in many countries as soil amendments in agricultural lands, however its use is controlled by strict regulations which ensure the heavy metal concentrations in soils do not exceed safe limits. However there are many factors which influence the safe application rates of sewage sludge. These include the treatment process of the sewage employed, the physical and physiochemical properties of the soil to which it is applied and the type of crop which will be grown on the amended soil. Hence research in this area is site specific and so the outcome of previous studies cannot be regionally generalized.

Hence this research aims to solve the problem of utilizing the desired traits of sewage sludge at the same time reducing the effects of the undesired traits. Moreover it aims to investigate the potential of sewage sludge use as soil amendment.

Testimonial- Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme:

I attained the Graduate Assistance Scholarship based on my merits from my under grad units. This scholarship scheme has given me an opportunity to pursue my love for chemistry and also to contribute positively towards my community and nation as a whole. As the research I have undertaken will potentially benefit and help mitigate the nation’s environmental issues. Additionally this has provided a great platform to acquire research skills and has also given me a broader perspective of science. Moreover being part of this honour has instilled in me more confidence and taken my self-esteem to a whole new level. I am grateful to be part of this and recommend this for all interested in pursuing their Master’s Degree. Finally I would like to say all the best to all current and future candidates.