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Jesslyn Kumar

Jesslyn KumarMasters Candidate

Research Area: Climate Change and Marine Microorganisms

Current Research Summary:

My research involves climate change and microorganisms. Climatic conditions such as temperature have an effect on the marine microorganisms especially the endophytic actinomycetes associated with algae, its growth and production of secondary metabolites. Both marine algae and actinomycetes associated with it are a source of chemical compounds that produce a wide variety of biologically active compounds which is the target for production of new drugs against human diseases. Aditionally, Endophytic actinomycetes have the capacity to produce an impressive array of secondary metabolite which exhibits a wide variety of biological activity such as antibiotics, antitumor and antimicrobial agents. Conditions like time of incubation, pH and temperature are known to have profound effect on the production of secondary metabolites by actinomycetes. Hence, optimization of culture conditions is very essential to get maximum yield of metabolites Thus, temperature is most important climatic factor that control the activity and growth of microorganisms such as marine actinomycetes.

The Candidature Experience:

As a Graduate Assistant I was given an opportunity to study and work with knowledgeable lecturers with years of experience. The Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme has allowed me to meet people who are experienced in my field of research, and also has broadened my knowledge about research development. Moreover, the scholarship has allowed me to work with other lecturers, practise skills and through this I have gained skills and knowledge about decision making in research. This scholarship is not only an academic programme but it was a professional experience as well. In addition to this I would say that it has also helped me expand my knowledge on issues that are important to my line of work. Finally, I would strongly recommend Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme to the students as this gives an opportunity for the students to gain professional knowledge and those who want to pursue a development career.