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Krishneel Kumar Sharma

Krishneel SharmaMasters Candidate

Current Research Summary:

My research attentions on investigation of rebar corrosion using Non-destructive techniques (NDT) to assess structural integrity and complex porosity of concrete. Recent attention on effects of climate change in the Pacific Island Countries (PIC’s) has focused on a multitude of areas which are at risk in the Pacific region. These include food security, flora and fauna, land accessibility, groundwater contamination and etc. All these aspects are essential for sustainable development of the small island states in the Pacific region. One issue, which appears synonymous with climate change in the Pacific, is the rise in sea level. The rising sea level can have detrimental effects on civil infrastructure since its intrusion further inland can lead to deterioration of nearby civil metallic infrastructure due to corrosion. Since metropolisation of major PIC’s are mainly near the sea, this presents a significant problem within the overall paradigm of sustainable development. In this regards, an investigation is required to sought influences of different chloride salts, viz., NaCl, KCl, MgCl2, on the corrosion of steel, re-enforcing bars (rebar’s), in concrete. Such a study is important to understand structural health conditions, especially for foundations in ground and to understand the corrosion intensities in the presence of different cations. The present study is a detailed laboratory investigation.

Candidature Experience:

The Graduate Assistant Scholarship has given me an opportunity to broaden my knowledge. It has given me an opportunity to meet and work with knowledgeable lecturers. When I first entered USP as an undergraduate, I had this ambition in my mind to work hard, achieve good GPA so that one day USP ensures that I study and work. Today being a GA has made my ambition possible. Doing masters has helped me improve my knowledge and skills in conducting research, working independently, planning and skills on decision making. In addition, it has also helped me boost my teaching skills at tertiary level. I would suggest and encourage Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme to all the students who are willing to pursue further studies as this has helped me gain professional knowledge in my area of interest and expertise.