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Poonam Pritika Devi

Poonam DeviMasters Candidate

Research Area: Empirical assessment of environmental sustainability in Suva, Fiji Islands

Current Research Summary:

Urbanization is a major process in the Pacific region, and it has many challenges connected to it. Continuous rural to urban migration has resulted in overpopulation of urban areas, which has put environment sustainability at risk. Environment sustainability is a deficient factor in the management of Fiji’s urban settlements. Failure to notice this leads to environment degradation which will become worse as more people move into urban areas. The objective of this research is to widen our understanding of promoting environmental sustainability in the context of Fiji’s urban settlements and assess environment degradation through various means, with emphasis on two unplanned settlements in Suva (Wailea, and Veidogo Settlements) and its comparison to the greater Vatuwaqa area (planned settlements).

 The Candidature Experience:

Receiving the Graduate Assistant Scholarship has opened a new path for my career. It has enabled me to execute research skills and enhance my knowledge and understanding of the field of study I have dreamt to pursue; that is to develop my career towards human geography, with particular interest in anthropogenic impacts on the environment. I feel extremely honoured to be awarded this scholarship, and I strongly believe that under this venture many will gain expertise in research. Also, this scholarship is a great initiative to the fresh graduates to develop insight and acquaintance through research, which will form a fundamental for individual’s future goals.