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Shereen Begg



Masters Candidate

Research Area: Analysing the risks of flooding on housing in the low-land urban areas in Suva

Current Research Summary:

Global warming is likely to increase the frequency and severity of floods due to the collective impacts of increased precipitation, storminess, distorted regional weather patterns and rising sea levels. These risks are even more relevant for Pacific Island Countries given the fact that majority of human settlements are located near coastal areas. This study focuses on how investors make decisions about housing investment. It aims to create awareness amongst the households and investors about the increasing risks on the housing environment located in low-land areas. The hedonic pricing method is utilized in the housing market because the price of a property is determined by the characteristics of the house, in this case the location which is affected by various factors such as flooding risks. Understanding how households and investors react to take cover from the climate change risks may give us some information about the economic impacts of such risks in many ways.

The Candidature Experience:

When I learnt about the Graduate Assistant Scholarship during my undergraduate program, I realised this was a very good opportunity to pursue my Postgraduate and Masters program. My dream was to spend my life in academia. With the achievement of this scholarship, I successfully completed my Postgraduate in 2014 and also gained experience in taking tutorial classes and doing research work with Academics. Being a recipient of this scholarship, I strongly feel that research work is very interesting and also improves our research skills. This scholarship opens doors to various career opportunities and becomes a ladder through which we enhance our knowledge and advance towards success.