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Ravikash Prasad

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment
Degree of Enrollment: Master of Science in Environmental Science

Research Area: Biodiversity and Conservation

Supervisors: Dr. Gilianne Brodie; Dr. Simon Hodge; Dr. Cas Vanderwoude
Current Research: An evaluation of Abrus precatorius leaf extract efficacy on invasive Coptotermes gestroi control in Fiji

This research project aims to show the potential of Abrus precatorius leaf extracts as a biopesticide in controlling the invasive termites Coptotermes gestroi. The project aims to test the effect of Abrus precatorius leaf extracts on the mortality of Coptotermes gestroi in the laboratory and in the field. The major goal is to apply the leaf extract in field as a bait toxicant in a self-designed baiting programme. With the required funding, this project aims to help the government build local capacity and provide safer, less costly, and long- term management of the invasive termites in Fiji.
Testimonial- Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme

“This is a great approach in bringing students to face the real-life problems in the region, in the process of pursuing post graduate research. I believe the scheme not only provides funding for research, but provides opportunities for students to interact with specialists in respective fields of study. The universities investment in the graduate studies of the selected researchers is fulfilling, aspiring and real not only to the students, but to the region collaboratively. I value the investment in my research project and appreciate the time and effort dedicated by the research officers in the welfare of my research. The guideline provided by the research office is of great importance in my maintenance as a graduate assistant. It feels rewarding, moving and a challenging experience for it has added greater responsibility and hope in me. I show my gratitude to the scholarship scheme and my best wishes for students in the future.”


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