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SPSS Workshop

The RDA offers SPSS workshops to staff and students of USP to continue it’s efforts in consolidating the usage of quantitative software such as SPSS/R together with some relevant statistical concepts. SPSS is widely available in all PG labs while R is a freeware, which is easily downloadable. The following are some of the topics covered in the normal 3-days’ workshops where basic statistics are covered in the first day, intermediate sessions in the second day while advanced statistical concepts in the third day. Each day is an intensive hands-on experience with the software. These workshops are organised depending on the requests received and sometimes a reduced version of 1-day or 2-days workshops are also provided depending on the student levels and their needs. You can directly email your request to the RDA, who will then mount these workshops for you

SPSS Workshop Topics

DAY 1: BASIC – Introduction to SPSS, Data Management, Descriptive Statistics, Graphing, Correlation and Simple Linear Regression

  • Starting and understanding the SPSS interface and Data Entry
  • Managing and Importing Data from Different Formats
  • Descriptive Statistics: Tabulating data – Contingency Tables, Cross-tabs, Custom tables, etc.
  • Graphing and Exploring Data – Histograms, Bar Graphs, Pie-Charts, Boxplots, Scatterplots, Time-Series Plots, etc.
  • Calculating Measures of Central Tendency and Variability
  • Handling Multiple Responses
  • Reliability Analysis – Cronbach’s α
  • Correlation Analysis (for scaled and categorical variables)
  • Measures of Association – Chi-square Tests for Goodness-of-Fit and Independence

DAY 2: INTERMEDIATE – Inferential Statistics: Simple and Multiple Linear Regression, Parametric and Non- parametric Tests

  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression and Model Checking diagnostics
  • Basic mediation and moderation analysis
  • Binary Logistic Regression
  • Parametric Tests: T-tests (One Sample, Two Independent Samples and Paired Samples)
  • Non-parametric Tests: Mann-Whitney U test (Wilcoxon Rank Sum test), Wilcoxon’s Signed Rank Sum Test (Matched-Pairs), Kruskal-Wallies Test


  • One-way Between-Subjects ANOVA: Completely Randomized Design
  • One-Way Within-Subjects (Repeated Measures) ANOVA
  • Two‐way Between-Subjects ANOVA
  • Two‐way Within-Subjects (Repeated Measures) ANOVA
  • Two-Way Mixed-Model ANOVA (Between-Within or ‘Split-Plots’ Design)
  • One-way MANOVA (Multivariate Analysis of Variance)
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Principal Components Analysis

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