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Mrs Fulori Nainoca-Waqairagata

FuloriMrs Fulori Nainoca-Waqairagata
Project Officer Research
Email: nainoca_f@usp.ac.fj
Phone: (+679) 323 2665
Fax: (+679) 323 1504


Fulori has a background in marine conservation, natural resource management and community development. She graduated with a BSc degree in Environmnetal Studies from USP in 1999 and her professional experience spans 12 years of project management and implementation gained across a variety of organizations, including civil society, academic institutions and commercial companies. She was heavily involved in the management of a wide range of environmental projects, at all stages of the process, including project planning, strategizing and proposal writing, day to day management of project implementation, activities, staff and sites, reporting of project progress to donors and stakeholders, and collaboration and communication on multi-country regional and international projects. In addition, she conducted community workshops on environmental awareness and management, orientation and refresher training for project staff and developing educational materials for workshops and environmental education curriculum for schools.

Her field and technical skills gained from her years as a Tertiary level student and throughout her career include marine and brackish-water biodiversity surveys (sampling of macro-fauna with the use of gillnets, cast nets, fyke nets and beach seine, fish tagging, algal assays and sea plant and coral farming), ecological studies of benthic flora and fauna using transects and quadrats, artificial reef construction and restocking, specimen preservation and curation, specimen identification and taxonomic study, social science fieldwork including household surveys for socioeconomic impact assessments and data analysis using statistical software packages
In addition, Fulori has three years teaching experience in basic science and senior biology, at secondary schools in Fiji and the Republic of Nauru.

Last year 2014, Fulori graduated with a Master of Science in Marine Science degree and her thesis titled: The Role of Marine Protected Areas in the Protection of Herbivores and their Ability to Control Algal Growth, was awarded a Gold Medal for the most outstanding Master of Science Thesis.