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High Quality (A, A*) Publications


A* Ranked Publications

A* Journal Article Grid – connected PV systems in the Pacific Island countries
A* Journal Article “Protein fold recognition using HMM–HMM alignment and dynamic programming”
A* Journal Article Economics of tourism & growth for small island countries
A* Journal Article Flow injection analysis of nitrate and nitrite in commercial baby foods
A* Journal Article Hierarchical maximum likelihood clustering approach
A* Journal Article Bioavailability of Fe and Zn in selected legumes, cereals, meat and milk products consumed in Fiji
A* Journal Article Improving protein fold recognition and structural class prediction accuracies using physicochemical properties of amino acids
A* Journal Article Development of a modified acetonitrile-based extraction procedure followed by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry for the analysis of psychiatric drugs in sediments
A* Journal Article “Changes in the D region associated with three recent solar eclipses in the South Pacific region”
A* Conference Proceedings Multi – step – ahead chaotic time series prediction using coevolutionary recurrent neural networks
A* Journal Article Psychological Distress, Coping and Perceived Social Support in Social Work Students
A* Journal Article A review of Fiji’s energy situation: challenges and strategies as a small island developing state
A* Journal Article Carbon emission, energy consumption, trade openness and financial development in Pakistan: A revisit
A* Journal Article The Paris Agreement: Some critical reflections on process and substance
A* Journal Article Highly Accurate Sequence-based Prediction of Half-Sphere Exposures of Amino Acid Residues in Proteins
A* Journal Article Changes in journalism in two post-authoritarian non Western countries

A Ranked Publications

A Journal Article Exploring the nexus between tourism and output in Cook Islands: an ARDL bounds approach
A Journal Article The linkages, persistence, asymmetry in the volatility, the price discovery and efficiency, and the effect of the US subprime mortgage financial crisis on the spot and the futures market’s returns: the case of India
A Journal Article Toxicity of seven priority hazardous and noxious substances (HNSs) to marine organisms: Current status, knowledge gaps and recommendations for future research
A Conference Proceedings Low bandwidth video streaming using FACS, facial expression and animation techniques
A Journal Article Media self-regulation in the Pacific Islands: a survey of media professionals
A Journal Article Cartooning history: Lai’s Fiji and the misadventures of a scrawny black cat
A Journal Article The effects of ICT* on output per worker: A study of the Chinese economy
A Journal Article Does devaluation improve trade balance in small island economies? The case of Fiji
A Journal Article Wind energy resource assessment for the Fiji Islands: Kadavu Island and Suva Peninsula
A Journal Article Experimental studies on parallel wavy channel heat exchangers with varying channel inclination angles
A Journal Article Value of traditional oral narratives in building climate-change resilience: insights from rural communities in Fiji
A Journal Article The Suspicious Death of Depot Baby 7480: ‘Maternal Negligence’ in Colonial Fiji
A Book Chapter SIEMENS LTD-Innovations in emerging economies
A Journal Article Effects of enzyme products in the diet on growth, dressing-out percent and organ weights of light pigs fed copra-meal-based diets
A Journal Article Potential bycatch impact on distinct sea turtle populations is dependent on fishing ground rather than gear type in the Mediterranean Sea
A Journal Article Integrating Social Marketing Into Fijian HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs: Lessons From Systematic Review
A Journal Article Is the Dutch disease effect valid in relation to remittances and the real exchange rate in Fiji?
A Journal Article Power and performance: Fiji rugby’s transition from amateurism to professionalism
A Journal Article Input-Output Feedback Linearization Control with On-line MRAS Based Inductor Resistance Estimation of Linear Induction Motors Including the dynamic End-Effects
A Journal Article Net migration as a target for migration policies: a review and appraisal of the UK experience
A Journal Article The effect of sample size on European Union’s renewable energy investment drivers”
A Journal Article Vehicle to grid system to design a centre node virtual unified power flow controller
A Journal Article Pacific Islanders’ understanding of climate change: Where do they source information and to what extent do they trust it?
A Book Chapter Taking an interest: competence in and affiliations with the expected languages of schooling in Vanuatu
A Journal Article The Political Logic of Desire: John Key Agent of Neoliberal Dreams
A Journal Article Unsteady Progress: Reform of the Aviation Industry in Fiji
A Journal Article Intimate partner violence in South Asian communities: exploring the notion of ‘shame’ to promote understandings of migrant women’s experiences
A Journal Article How important is the coast? A survey of coastal objectives in an Australian regional city
A Journal Article ‘Your Woman is a Very Bad Woman’: Revisiting Female Deviance in Colonial Fiji
A Journal Article Bloom’s CV: Mimesis, Intertextuality and the Overdetermination of Character in Ulysses
A Journal Article Carving out institutional space for multilingualism in the world’s most multilingual region: the role of Linguistics at the University of the South Pacific
A Journal Article Objectives for management of socio-ecological systems in the Great Barrier Reef region, Australia
A Journal Article Danio rerio embryos on Prozac – Effects on the detoxification mechanism and embryo development
A Book Chapter The Short Story from Postmodernism to the Digital Age
A Journal Article Adaptive feedback linearizing control of linear induction motor considering the end-effects
A Journal Article Feedback Linearizing Control of Induction Motor Considering Magnetic Saturation Effects
A Journal Article Trade agreements, labour mobility and climate change in the Pacific Islands
A Journal Article Interdependence and contagion among industry-level U.S credit markets: An application of wavelet and VMD based copula approaches
A Journal Article Utilisation of giant taro (Alocasia macrorrhiza) root meal with or without coconut oil slurry by layers and broilers
A Book Migration, Micro-Business and Tourism in Thailand: Highlanders in the City
A Journal Article The Culture of Agreement Making in Solomon Islands
A Conference Proceedings Multi-Step-Ahead Chaotic Time Series Prediction using Coevolutionary Recurrent Neural Networks
A Journal Article New cytotoxic callipeltins from the Solomon Island marine sponge Asteropus sp.
A Journal Article Another early – exit transitional model doomed to fail? Or is this the wrong model at the right time in Vanuatu?
A Journal Article Spirituality and attitudes towards nature in the Pacific Islands: insights for enabling climate – change adaptation
A Journal Article Grid electricity for Fiji Islands: future supply options and assessment of demand trends
A Journal Article PM2.5 and aerosol black carbon in Suva, Fiji
A Journal Article Atmospheric abundance and global emissions of perfluorocarbons CF4, C2F6 and C3F8 since 1800 inferred from ice core, firn, air archive and in situ measurements
A Conference Proceedings Emergent formations of a Lagrangian swarm of unmanned ground vehicles
A Journal Article Bioactivity of selected essential oils from medicinal plants found in Fiji against the Spiralling whiteflies (Aleurodicus dispersus Russell)
A Journal Article Land degradation and sustainable land management practices in Pacific Island Countries
A Journal Article The colonies in concrete: Walter Benjamin, urban form, and the dreamworlds of empire
A Journal Article Stepwise iterative maximum likelihood clustering approach
A Journal Article Predicting MoRFs in protein sequences using HMM profiles
A Journal Article Searching for the Land of the Golden Cocoa-Nut: Australian Travel Writing about Commercial Enterprise in the Pacific Islands
A Journal Article The nexus between tourism demand and output per capita, with the relative importance of trade openness and financial development: a study of Malaysia
A Journal Article Interdependence between Greece and other European stock markets: A comparison of wavelet and VMD copula, and the portfolio implications
A Journal Article Developing School Heads as Instructional Leaders in School–Based Assessment: Challenges and Next Steps
A Journal Article Earth System Science Frontiers – an ECS perspective
A Journal Article Addressing WaSH challenges in Pacific Island Countries: A participatory marketing systems mapping approach to empower informal settlement community action
A Journal Article Does Human Development Influence Women’s Labour Force Participation Rate? Evidences from the Fiji Islands
A Journal Article Accurate quantification of modified cyclic peptides without the need for authentic standards


A* Ranked Publications

A* Journal Article An enhanced genetic algorithm for Ab initio protein structure prediction
A* Journal Article Being Indigenous in a non-Indigenous environment: identity politics of the Dogai Ainu and new Indigenous policies of Japan
A* Journal Article Children’s changing urban lives: a comparative New Zealand – Pacific perspective
A* Journal Article Effect of the enzyme and PCR conditions on the quality of high-throughput DNA sequencing results

A* Journal Article Exploring the role of energy, trade and financial development in explaining economic growth in South Africa: A revisit
A* Journal Article Folate content and retention in commonly consumed vegetables in the South Pacific
A* Journal Article Glass slippers and glass ceilings: An analysis of marital anticipation and female education
A* Journal Article Gram-positive and Gram-negative protein subcellular localization by incorporating evolutionary-based descriptors into Chou? s general PseAAC
A* Journal Article Highly accurate sequence – based prediction of half – sphere exposures of amino acid residues in proteins
A* Journal Article Improving prediction of secondary structure, local backbone angles, and solvent accessible surface area of proteins by iterative deep learning
A* Journal Article Probabilistic expression of spatially varied amino acid dimers into general form of Chou’s pseudo amino acid composition for protein fold recognition
A* Journal Article Response of the low-latitude D region ionosphere
to extreme space weather event
of 14–16 December 2006

A* Journal Article Subcellular localization for Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacterial Proteins using Linear Interpolation Smoothing Model
A* Journal Article The liberal field of journalism and the political – The New York Times, Fox News and the Tea Party
A* Journal Article The role of resilience in assisting the educational
connectedness of at-risk youth: A study of service users and

A Ranked Publications

A Journal Article A simulation interface designed for improved user interaction and learning in water quality modelling software
A Journal Article Accounting for telecommunications contribution to economic growth: A study of Small Pacific Island States
A Journal Article Analysis of evolutionary operators for ICHEA in solving constraint optimization problems
A Journal Article Application of cooperative neuro – evolution of Elman recurrent networks for a two – dimensional cyclone track prediction for the South Pacific region
A Journal Article Bloom’s job: the role of the advertisement canvasser in Joyce’s Dublin
A Journal Article Closed-Loop MRAS Speed Observer for Linear Induction Motor Drives
A Journal Article Competitive two – island cooperative co – evolution
for training feedforward neural networks for pattern classification problems

A Journal Article Competitive two – island cooperative coevolution for
real parameter global optimisation

A Journal Article Cooperative neuro – evolution of Elman recurrent networks for tropical cyclone wind – intensity prediction in the South Pacific region
A Journal Article Double-trouble: Negotiating Gender and Sexuality in Post-colonial Women’s Rugby in Fiji
A Journal Article Fijian Teachers’ Conceptions of Assessment
A Journal Article Geometrically Precise Building Blocks: the Self-Assembly of beta-Peptides
A Journal Article Gram – positive and gram – negative subcellular localization using rotation forest and physicochemical-based features
A Journal Article Highly selective visual monitoring of hazardous fluoride ion in aqueous media using thiobarbituric – capped gold nanoparticles
A Journal Article Implications of new economic policy instruments for tuna
management in the Western and Central Pacific

A Journal Article Masi: House and cloth of the vanua
A Journal Article Motion Planning and Posture Control of Multiple n-link Doubly Nonholonomic Manipulators
A Journal Article Multi – objective cooperative neuro – evolution of
recurrent neural networks for time series prediction

A Journal Article Multiple constrained MPC design for automotive dry clutch engagement
A Journal Article Numerical and experimental studies on the PTO system of a novel floating wave energy converter
A Journal Article Optimising fisheries management in relation to tuna catches in the western central Pacific Ocean: A review of research priorities and opportunities
A Journal Article Plasmonic detection of Cd2+ ions using surface – enhanced
Raman scattering active core – shell nanocomposite

A Journal Article Precarity, the Humanities and Slow Death
A Journal Article Probabilistic benefit cost ratio – a case study
A Journal Article Recognizing the role of women in supporting marine stewardship in the Pacific Islands
A Journal Article Spectral Induced Polarization Techniques in Soil Corrosivity Assessments
A Journal Article Sustainable Development and Policies in Rural Regions: Insights from the Shetland Islands Land Use Policy
A Journal Article The Currency of Devastation
A Journal Article The forward kinematics of the 6 – 6 parallel manipulator using an evolutionary algorithm based on generalized generation gap with parent – centric crossover
A Journal Article The Wound Healing and Antibacterial
Activity of Five Ethnomedical Calophyllum
inophyllum Oils: An Alternative Therapeutic
Strategy to Treat Infected Wounds

A Journal Article White Syndrome in Acropora muricata: Non-specific bacterial infection and ciliate histophagy



A* Ranked Publications

A* Journal Article Ecological effects of pharmaceuticals in aquatic systems – impacts through behavioural alterations
A* Journal Article Effect of rotational shepherding on demographic and
genetic connectivity of calcareous grassland plants

A* Journal Article Effects of national culture on e – government diffusion – a
global study of 55 countries

A* Journal Article Elder care and migrant labor in Europe: a demographic outlook
A* Journal Article Experimental antibiotic treatment identifies potential pathogens of white band disease in the endangered Caribbean coral Acropora cervicornis
A* Journal Article High genetic diversity and absence of founder effects in a worldwide aquatic invader
A* Journal Article Low – mid latitude D region ionospheric perturbations associated with 22 July 2009 total solar eclipse: wave -like signatures inferred from VLF observations
A* Journal Article Measurement of corrosion in soil using the galvanostatic pulse technique
A* Journal Article Minimizing fouling at hydrogenated conical – tip carbon electrodes during Dopamine detection in vivo
A* Journal Article Multi – faceted energy planning: a review
A* Journal Article Multi – objective cooperative coevolution of neural networks for time series prediction
A* Journal Article Protein fold recognition by alignment of amino acid residues using kernelized dynamic time warping
A* Journal Article Sea surface temperature and salinity seasonal changes in the western Solomon and Bismarck Seas
A* Journal Article Weak crossed – product orders over valuation rings
A* Journal Article What is a community’s desire? A critical look at participatory research projects with indigenous communities

A Ranked Publications

A Journal Article “Tales of Two Fijis: early 1960s Japanese travel writing by Kanetaka Kaoru and Kita Morio”
A Journal Article A biomass energy flow chart for Fiji
A Journal Article A comparative analysis of best human resource management
practices in the hotel sector of Samoa and Tonga

A Journal Article A molecular phylogeny of the Pacific honeyeaters (Aves: Meliphagidae) reveals extensive paraphyly and an isolated Polynesian radiation
A Journal Article A multidimensional and integrative approach to study global digital divide and e – government development
A Journal Article A new stabilizing solution for motion planning and control of multiple robots
A Journal Article A review of sustainable sea – transport for Oceania: providing context for renewable energy shipping for the Pacific
A Journal Article A solution to the motion planning and control problem of a car – like robot via a single – layer perceptron
A Journal Article Accounting for telecommunications contribution to economic growth: A study of Small Pacific Island States
A Journal Article Benefits and costs of deforestation by smallholders: implications for forest conservation and climate policy
A Journal Article Computational studies on the effect of geometric parameters on the performance of a solar chimney power plant
A Journal Article Densification behaviour of sintered – forged aluminium composite preforms
A Journal Article Descriptor – type Kalman filter and TLS EXIN speed estimate for sensorless control of a linear induction motor
A Journal Article Diaspora criticism
A Journal Article Directed dispersal by rotational shepherding supports landscape genetic connectivity in a calcareous grassland plant
A Journal Article Do invaders always perform better? Comparing the response of native and invasive shrimps to temperature and salinity gradients in south – west Spain
A Journal Article Evaluation of sequence features from intrinsically disordered regions for the estimation of protein function
A Journal Article Experimental and computational studies on a steam jet refrigeration system with constant area and variable area ejectors
A Journal Article Exploring the effects of energy consumption on output per worker: a study of Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania
A Journal Article Fine ‑ scale distribution of juvenile Atlantic and Mediterranean loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) in the Mediterranean Sea
A Journal Article Flow and performance characteristics of a direct drive turbine for wave power generation
A Journal Article High similarity between a bat – serviced plant assemblage and that used by humans
A Journal Article Improving protein fold recognition using the amalgamation of evolutionary-based and structural based information
A Journal Article Improving protein fold recognition using the amalgamation of evolutionary-based and structural-based information
A Journal Article In Situ near shore wave resource assessment in the Fiji Islands
A Journal Article In it for the long haul? Post – conflict statebuilding, peacebuilding, and the good governance agenda in Timor – Leste
A Journal Article Integer compromise allocation in multivariate stratified

A Journal Article Marine current energy resource assessment and design of a marine current turbine for Fiji
A Journal Article Melanesia in review: issues and events, 2013: Solomon Islands
A Journal Article Modern influences on chironomid distribution in western
Ireland: potential for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction

A Journal Article Neural MPPT of variable pitch wind generators with induction machines in a wide wind speed range

A Journal Article Neural sensorless control of linear induction motors by a full – order Luenberger observer considering the end – effects
A Journal Article Neural sensorless control of linear induction motors by a full-order Luenberger Observer considering the end-effects
A Journal Article Norman H. Hardy: Book Illustrator and Artist
A Journal Article Oceania and the victorian imagination: where all things are possible
A Journal Article Parameter identification of linear induction motor model in extended range of operation by means of input – output data
A Journal Article Predicting backbone Cα angles and dihedrals from protein sequences by stacked sparse auto-encoder deep neural network
A Journal Article Proposing a highly accurate protein structural
class predictor using segmentation-based

A Journal Article Proposing a highly accurate protein structural class predictor using segmentation – based features
A Journal Article Recruitment processes and immigration regulations: the disjointed pathways to employing migrant carers in ageing societies
A Journal Article Research note: contribution of foreign direct investment to the tourism sector in Fiji – an empirical study
A Journal Article Shellfish gathering and conservation on low coral islands: Kiribati perspectives
A Journal Article Small islands, valuable insights: systems of customary resource use and resilience to climate change in the Pacific
A Journal Article Supply chain and marketing of sea grapes, Caulerpa racemosa
(Forsskål) J. Agardh (Chlorophyta: Caulerpaceae) in Fiji,
Samoa and Tonga

A Journal Article Testing the “Black Code”: does having white close friends elicit identity denial and decreased empathy from black ingroup members?
A Journal Article The Leonidas Fijians : a minor history
A Journal Article The moderating effect of risk on the relationship between planning and success
A Journal Article The powerful marvel of irony: derrida and the structures of irony
A Journal Article The proliferating brown alga Sargassum polycystum
in Tuvalu, South Pacific: assessment of the bloomand applications to local agriculture and sustainable energy

A Journal Article Towards a robust feedback system for coordinating a hierarchical multi – robot system
A Journal Article Tunnel passing maneuvers of prescribed formations
A Journal Article Workability studies of sintered aluminum composites during hot deformation
A Journal Article ‘We visit the colo towns … when it is safe to go’: indigenous adoption of methodist christianity in the Wainibuka and Wainimala valleys, Fiji, in the 1870s