RSD Training

The Research Office in collaboration with the University Library and Student Learning Specialists will run a series of Research Skill Development [RSD]  workshops throughout the year. These RSD workshops will provide an introduction to the Research Skill Development framework and is aimed at enhancing staff and students understanding of the framework which the University has adopted into its curriculum . 

The Research Office will send out calls for workshop registration prior to the workshops. A tentative schedule is provided below:

Peer to Peer [Library Staff] January 23 & 24,  2018
SLS Onboarding February 21, 2018
Introduction to RSD – Students March 13, 2018
Introduction to RSD – Academic Staff March 15, 2018
RSD Triad [Library, SLS, Academic Staff] April 25 & 26, 2018
RSD Refresher -Academic Staff May 28/29, 2018

Sections/Departments wishing to organise a training session specifically for their staff/students may send in their requests with potential dates and participant headcount to the RSD Coordinator via email: