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Shamal Shivneel Chand

Shamal Shivneel Chand

Master of Commerce in Economics

Research Area: International Trade.

School: School of Economics

Faculty: Faculty of Business and Economics

Current Research Summary:

My research area is International Trade with the thesis topic being as “Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Trade in Fiji: Finding the existence of linkages using econometric analysis”. Using the data from period 1980 to 2013 which is obtained from the World Bank database and UNCTAD, I would like to find the existence of two way linkages between FDI and trade in Fiji.

Previous researches in regards to Fiji has studied the relationship between FDI and employment creation, FDI and economic growth, and trading behaviour using the gravity model, however no research has been done on my interested subject area. I plan to derive the linkages by finding how FDIs could affect trading behaviour in various sectors in Fiji and how trade (exports and imports) could affects the level of FDI inflows and outflows. This analysis would be carried out through the use of econometric analysis, mainly the methods of time series analysis to make sure the investigated data is stationary.

I think my research area is of interest to anyone interested in influencing the behaviour of FDI and trade by simultaneously or affecting the variables.

Testimonial- Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme:

Receiving the GA scholarship has been a great opportunity for me to continue on with my postgraduate and master’s study. It has also given me experience in the teaching field during the elapse of the scholarship period. I would like to heartily thank the Research Office for financially supporting me in the quest to achieve academic excellence. I hope the research that I am focusing on shall bring benefit to our country as a whole.