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Sumeet Shivam Lal

Sumeet Shivam Lal

Name: Sumeet Shivam lal

School: School Of Economics

Faculty: Faculty of Business and Economics

Degree of Enrolment: Masters of Commerce in Economics

Research Area: Modern Analytical Demographics: Fertility transitions and its impact on current and future school Enrolment Rate in Fiji.

Current Research Summary:

The primary objective of the research is to investigate whether or not fertility decline in the future would also affect Fiji’s school enrolment rates. Considering the fact that Fiji is currently in stage 3 of the demographic transition, it would not be surprising to see extreme changes in the overall population composition of the country. The trend of declining births would also result in a significant decline/drop in the number of children entering into school system. In order to prove that, modern analytics will be used to determine the future of these variables using SPECTRUM software. This software would use the current available data and trends of enrolment rates to impute future values of enrolment rates for both primary and secondary schools in Fiji. The basis on which this forecast will be computed is by having a predator variable “fertility” which is also one of the key determinants of population change in the country. Having 2 parameters of “baseline scenario of declining total fertility rate” and another as “holding fertility rate constant”, will extensively help in doing comparative analysis as this because both parameters will project different outcomes of school enrolment rates.

Testimonial- Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme:

I got to know about the graduate assistant scholarship via student email and at first, I was quite hesitant to apply because unlike any other ordinary scholarship a student gets in undergraduate level, this scholarship had a duality feature whereby a recipient had to contribute to the relevant teaching field and also at the same time, focus on his/her own studies. Hence, it got me thinking whether or not I would able to commit to this responsibility because coming out straight from undergraduate studies and getting enrolled directly into Masters programmes might become quite challenging. However, teaching field always excited me and my previous experience of being a senior peer mentor for FBE drove me into applying for this scholarship. Today, I am proudly able to say that I do not, even for a second, regret in applying for this scholarship and consequently have enabled me to get over my fear of public speaking (Glossophobia), helped me to better understand my role and what contributions I could make towards the academic in a most efficient way.