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Ulita Moce

Ulita Moce

Name: Ulita Moce

School: Pacific Center for Environment & Sustainable Development

Faculty: Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment

Degree of Enrolment: MSc in Climate Change

Research Area: Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change

Supervisors: Dr. Tammy Tabe

Current Research Summary:

Water plays an important role in water security to most pacific islands, and to many living resources both plants and animals. However water resources are under threat due to climate change impacts caused by anthropogenic process. Water resources is of great importance in Fiji because it provides the basis for drinking and cooking, it is a source of revenue and it supports agricultural, forestry, fisheries, tourism, mining actives and most importantly it provides energy. The increase in industrialized activities, agriculture and population growth have added pressure towards our water resources making them more vulnerable to climate change impacts. In addition, information on climate change and its impacts on water resources in Fiji is limited because it has been poorly studied. Water is an important basis of livelihood, yet there is still less research, done on this issue compared to studies on climate change impacts on marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Therefore this study aims to investigate and identify current impacts and threats of climate change on water security in rural areas in Fiji. The study site chosen is a village called Nukuloa in the island of Gau. The four main objectives of the study are; to develop and test the water balance in Nukuloa. Secondly, to evaluate the rainfall and drought data and interpret its impacts on the reliability of the water source. Thirdly, to evaluate the future impacts of rainfall and drought on the water source and lastly, to establish sustainable water management and adaptive mechanisms on the water source in Nukuloa. This study will be carried out using several methodological approaches and the result from this study will help the rural community be informed on what they should do to protect their water sources from the impacts of climate change and help maintain water security in the long run, and it could also be a study basis for further research on water security in the Pacific Islands.

Testimonial- Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme:

I have always aspired to do masters at the University of the South Pacific straight after Post Grad studies. As I applied and later granted the Graduate Assistant Scholarship I knew it was a great opportunity for me to accomplish my dreams and for that I am deeply grateful. To be given this opportunity is a privilege and thus I will use it to accomplish the requirements of the program so that I can contribute towards academia and to secure a future career for myself. As a recipient, I have gained a lot of experience, skills and knowledge through research. I have also developed a lot of network and lifelong friends amongst the research program within the university. Therefore, I would highly recommend GAship to graduates to partake in this opportunity as a way of building strong foundation of qualification and experiences.