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Wesley Steve Aru

Wesley Steve Aru

Name: Wesley Steve Aru

School: Economics

Faculty: Faculty of Business and Economics

Degree of Enrollment: Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce in Economics (progressing into Master’s thesis programme)

Research Area: Sustainable development and climate change



Current Research Summary:

My current research centres around an economic analysis of fuel consumption and its environmental impact associated with sea transport services in Vanuatu. In Vanuatu like other Pacific Island Countries (PIC’s), sea transport dominated other transport sectors contributing to trade and economic development, yet they are increasingly unaffordable, uneconomical and unsustainable. Simultaneously, it is rare for ship owners to measure their environmental damage caused by fuel energy consumption and other operational waste. Therefore, this research will investigate the potential relationship between the aggregate fuel consumption across different commercial ships servicing the central port hubs of Port Vila and Luganville and the level of greenhouse gases such as CO2, and non-greenhouse gases such as SO2 and NOx. This research will provide great implications on energy efficiency, GHG efficiency, existing regulations evaluation and effectiveness, and future implementation among various policy makers, government, and organization and ship owners.

Testimonial- Graduate Assistant Scholarship Scheme:

The Graduate Assistant Scholarship scheme provides a unique opportunity that offers vast experiences among the scholars ranging from research, learning and teaching simultaneously. This prestigious scholarship has been kindly giving me a first ever opportunity of a tutor during my Postgraduate studies, and provides space for productive collaboration among different scholars and staffs within USP. With that, I am so thankful for this challenging but yet exciting academic journey in the research field to further enhance my knowledge, skill, talent and character.